Why you may need Home Health Care?

• Frequent hospitalizations
• Frequent falls or near falls
• Problems with medication regimen or medication changes
• Recent surgery or hospitalization
• Multiple health problems and/or new condition
• Multiple or no caregivers
• When leaving the hospital
• When having difficulty managing daily tasks

Because it is not always clear to the average person when an ailing senior needs home health care and when he or she needs nursing home care, it is usually best to consult a medical professional for advice. 

Often when physicians or hospital staff say "Home Health", they mean that the skills of a healthcare professional, like a registered nurse or therapist, are still needed after your hospitalization to provide continued assistance with your recovery. This might be to continue intravenous antibiotics you have been receiving, draw blood, assess a surgical site, change wound dressings, continue to assist you with mobility, assess your progress, or provide other services that your physician has ordered for you.